Lost A Sense Of Irony

| Wildwood, NJ, USA | Right | October 22, 2010

Customer: “Hi, can I check your lost and found? I think I left my phone here the other night.”

Me: “Sure.” *gets out box* “Here you go.”

Customer: *rummages through the box* “Whoa!”

(She finds a very expensive MP3 player and begins to pocket it.)

Me: “Ma’am, you said you left your phone here.”

Customer: “Yea so? I still want this.”

Me: “But it’s not yours, someone else lost it and will probably be looking for it.”

Customer: “Well if they were stupid enough to lose something so expensive they don’t deserve to have it! Oh, here’s my phone!”

(She walks away with her brand new iPhone 4.)

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  • Yason You

    You shouldn’t have let her go through the lost and found, nor should you have let her just walk away.

    • Abigail Hermione Irwin

      Anytime I’ve ever gone to ask a Lost and Found about something, THEY go look for it. They don’t just bring a box of stuff and let me happily rummage through it.

      • Kalu-chan

        Last time I did, I just told them I’d lost my phone, and the person asked if it was a white one (it was). I answered “Yeah, a white LG”, but at that point he already handed it to me.

  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    *calls security*
    “Hi, this idiot just tried to walk away with something that she admitted wasn’t hers …”

  • KeirKieran

    These stories make me seriously angry. This should be in Working, OP just let this woman steal someone’s phone.

    • Souless night

      Implying that it wasn’t theirs… for all we know it was hers thus the whole point of the situation being ironic