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Losing All Ties To This Company

, , , , | Working | February 18, 2018

I’m actually ashamed to say the boss in this story is my father. The story was told to me by an uncle of a friend who used to work for him.

My friend’s uncle had a great-paying job at his company, but got offered a better-paying manager job where my father is the general manager.

My father is the boss from Hell. Many things happened, but what made my friend’s uncle finally quit was when he requested one week of non-paid vacation and travelled outside the country with his family.

Two days from the end of his vacation, my dad sent all the managers urgent emails about an emergency meeting they needed to have that same day after work hours. He insisted it was an emergency, mandatory meeting; every manager had to be there.

My friend’s uncle took the first three-hour flight back home, two days before his vacation ended, and got there just in time for… a long talk about the importance of dressing well for work, with a long speech about using classy and elegant ties.

And, of course, the speech was given by my dad. I was so embarrassed.

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