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Losing The War Against Ignorance

| Learning | February 21, 2014

(I am in a sophomore-level world history course. The professor is discussing World War I.)

Professor: “So, what factors led to the US involvement in the war?”

Student #1: “To prevent Saddam Hussein from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.”

Professor: *pause* “No, the US involvement in World War I. The conflict we have been studying for the past three classes. You should have read about this in your textbook. Why did the US enter the war?”

Student #2: “To free the southern slaves.”

Professor: *shocked* “Uh… The Civil War occurred in the 1860s, many decades before the first World War.”

Student #2: “No. Rosa Parks became president in the 1930s, which started the Civil War. We then fought the Confederacy, yes? Led by Hitler?”

Professor: *speechless*

Student #3: “[Student #2] is right. He’s very smart. He was an honors student last year.”

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