Losing The Game

| Working | October 14, 2013

(I’ve recently quit my job at a game store. I still go there to buy games periodically. I see a new guy calling people, letting them know about the current special offers.)

New Guy: “Hello? Is Mr. Smith there?”

(I hear audible yelling from the other line.)

New Guy: “I’m sorry, sir; this is [Name] from [Game Store]. I just want to let you know about some specials we have right now…”

(The new guy goes on to tell the customer the deals.)

New Guy: *after finishing the call* “Dang! I hate it when they yell at me!”

Me: “Hey, I used to work here. I highly recommend telling them who you are first before asking for them. People don’t like getting calls from people they don’t know, so if you say you’re from [Game Store] first, and then ask for the person, it should go a lot smoother.”

New Guy: “Uh, yeah, okay, I’ll try that.”

(He makes another call.)

New Guy: “Hi, is Ms. Smith there?”

(Once again, I heard audible yelling from the other line.)

Me: *facepalm*

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