Losing An Identity Means Creating A New One

, , , | Working | January 21, 2019

(We have an old coworker who took another job, but left on good terms. We receive word that he has been seriously injured in an accident and has lost memory of several years of his life. After awhile, his doctors suggest that he visit some of the places attached to the missing memories. He knows that he worked at our company, but has no memory of those years, so he comes to visit us. Our managers arrange for lunch to be brought in so that everyone who knew him can meet up and see if they can jog some memories. We have one older employee who is sort of a sour person.)

Employee #1: *starting off* “Do you remember any of us, or our names?”

Old Employee: “Some of you look familiar, but I don’t remember any of you.”

Sour Employee: “How can you not remember me?! I’m the village b****!”

Employee #2: “You couldn’t have given yourself a whole new identity! Don’t tell him that!”

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