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Lord Of The Flies, 90210

| Learning | October 25, 2016

(We are about to start reading a book about survival, so our teacher has us do an assignment about surviving on a desert island. The backstory is that each group is marooned on an island without any supplies. This is my group.)

Student #1: “Okay, so we get a yacht…”

Me: “How are you gonna build a yacht?”

Student #1: “We buy one.”

Me: “You do realize we are marooned on an island, right? No supplies.”

Student #2: “You just don’t get it.”

(I moved to a group by myself because they kept making insane choices: solar panels, wind turbines, etc. After we were all done, each group presented their island. We then had to vote on which island would survive the best. Guess which one everyone voted for?)

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