Loony Over A Loonie

| Ontario, Canada | Right | October 27, 2010

(I am ringing out an American girl. Keep in mind Canada uses coins for $1 and $2.)

Me: “…and your change is $3.64. You have a wonderful day.”

Customer: “Excuse me, you didn’t give me the right change.”

Me: “Yes I did.”

Customer: “No you didn’t. You only gave me coins, no paper.”

Me: “Ma’am, we’re in Canada, and here we use coins.” *I hold up a $1 coin* “This is a loonie, and is worth $1.”

Customer: “What’s a Canada?”

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  • Abigail Hermione Irwin

    It’s one of those mythical things called “foreign countries” that idiots like yourself can’t comprehend. Please keep your stupidity on your side of the border in future. We’ve got enough home-grown ones; we certainly don’t need to import any.