Looks Like The Cat Caught Mom’s Tongue

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(My mom can be weird sometimes. This happens when I am ten or so. My sister and I find a feral kitten and beg our parents to let us keep her. My dad says yes and my mom says no. I promise to clean up after her. In the end, we get to take her home. We get her litter, a box, and food. The next day, I get up to clean the litter box as I promised.)

Mom: *watching me take out the poops* “Disgusting!”

Me: “I guess?”

Mom: “Poops are disgusting! You’ll catch a germ!” *walks away*

(From then on, every day whenever I clean the litter box, my mom watches me and shouts, “Disgusting!” and looks at me like I am insane.)

Me: “Mom, didn’t you clean our poop when we were babies?”

Mom: “That’s different!”

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