Looks Are Relative

| Related | August 18, 2012

(We are at a family reunion for my mom’s side of the family. I’m about eight and I’m talking with my great aunt. A relative I’ve never met approaches and starts talking to my great aunt.)

Relative: *finally noticing me* “Well, hello! Whose little girl are you?”

(I blush and ignore her because I’m shy.)

Great aunt: “That’s [my mom]’s oldest girl.”

Relative: “Really?” *she leans closer and wrinkles her nose* “She doesn’t look like [my mom] at all. She doesn’t even look like family. You sure she’s not just one of the kids’ friends? None of ours are redheads.”

(My dad walks up.)

Dad: *to me* “Come on honey, we’re leaving. Tell your aunt good-bye.”

Me: “Bye, aunty!”

(I hug her and run to grab my dad’s hand.)

Relative: “Wow! She looks just like you! Are you her daddy?”

Dad: “Yes, she’s mine. I’m [mom]’s husband.”

Relative: “Oh! I thought she was some other person’s kid because she doesn’t look like her mom!”

Dad: “You do realize that just because she’s related to you doesn’t mean she’s going to look like your side of the family, right?”

Relative: “Well, the other kids look like our side of the family, so I thought that meant all of them had to!”

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