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Looking For The Master Of Her Universe

| Related | February 16, 2014

(My dad has a fondness for both old cartoons and for watching shows he likes on DVD, so when I saw the first season of ‘She-Ra’ I got it for him for Christmas. As a result, every call home since then has featured my brother declaring his hatred of the ‘morality squirrel’ that does the educational bit at the end of the episode.)

Brother: “So, on the episode we watched earlier, the morality squirrel was extolling the virtues of having friends with benefits.”

Me: “… What?”

Brother:“Yeah. She-Ra met this swashbuckler and the lesson was apparently, ‘if you like someone, you should tell them. They just might like you back.’ They were pretty obviously interested in more than just friendship, though.”

Mom: *in background* “I don’t think the squirrel actually ever said ‘benefits’, [Brother].”

Brother: *to Mom* “You’re the one that said he had ‘an awful lot of swash under that buckle’!”

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