Looking For Strays

, , , | Right | November 25, 2018

(I work at a store in my hometown. It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving and my mother, sister, and I have gone shopping in a larger town with a larger location than ours. We walk around looking for Christmas gifts and then get to the checkout area.)

Mom: “OH MY.”

(There is still a long line, stretching back several aisles from the registers.)

Mom: “I’m not waiting in that line.”

(She sets the item she was going to purchase down on a display.)

Me: “You know, you could give that to an employee instead of leaving it sitting there. We have buckets at our registers for that.”

(Mom picks her item back up and asks one of the employees directing traffic if she can take the item.)

Employee: *cheerfully* “I’d be happy to take it for you!”

(My least favorite thing is picking up stray items that are left in areas they don’t belong. Bring it to the register with you and we’ll take it. Or flag down an employee on the floor and ask if we can put it back instead of leaving it for us to find later.)

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