Looking For A Nose Job And A New Job

| Working | September 16, 2013

(I have woken up with a strained neck muscle, and am in quite a bit of pain. I quickly head to the nearest urgent care center. I am the only patient in the lobby, and have been waiting for over 30 minutes. I have also started to cry as the pain gets worse. The receptionist has just hung up the phone after a 20-minute conversation.)

Me: *sniffle* “Excuse me…” *sob* “Do you know how much longer it will be until I see the doctor? It…” *sniffle* “…is hurting REALLY bad.”

Receptionist: “Oh, I’m sorry sweetie, I haven’t even put through your paperwork yet. Just hold on, okay?”

Me: “Oh. Okay. I’ll try.”

(The receptionist picks the phone back up and makes a call. A nurse walks out to the lobby and sees me sitting there, crying heavily.)

Nurse: *to receptionist* “Where is this girl’s chart?! The doctor has been free for 30 minutes!”

Receptionist: “Oh, I haven’t done it yet. I was on the phone with my plastic surgeon getting the details finalized for my nose job tomorrow.”

Nurse: “Are you f***** kidding me?!” *to me* “Come on sweetie; we can do the chart while we examine you.”

(After a quick exam and a shot to loosen up my neck muscles, the doctor informs me that the receptionist won’t be a problem anymore, and waives my co-pay!)

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