Looking For A Loophole Big Enough To Fit An Extra Nine People Through

, , | Right | November 27, 2020

This restaurant has call-ahead seating. Customers can go online or call over the phone to book, but you have to have a party of six or less. Online call-ahead doesn’t let the customer put anything more than six.

I will still have people do the online version for the full amount of six, but put in the notes “actually nine” or “really ten.”

My favorite is when someone calls wanting to do a call-ahead for fifteen people.

Me: “We cannot reserve a table, but we can try to accommodate your group once they have all arrived.”

They go online and try “reserving” a table that way, including that “note trick.”

I call them back and repeat myself.

Me: “I’m sorry, but this does exceed the six maximum. We cannot reserve you a table but we can accommodate you when you arrive.”

They were not happy. I didn’t care.

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