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Look Back On This Moment With Fertilize

| Romantic | August 27, 2013

(I have recently switched to a mail order pharmacy, and because of the change I am going to be without my birth control pill for about a week. I discuss this with my boyfriend. This is his first real relationship, and he isn’t sure yet if he loves me.)

Me: “So, that means that for about two weeks we are going to have to use another method of birth control just in case. What would you like to do? Condoms? ”

Boyfriend: “I don’t really like condoms. Why don’t we just keep going and hope for the best?”

Me: “Babe, this isn’t really a negotiation. The women in my family are extremely fertile, so unless you wrap it up, you aren’t getting any.”

Boyfriend: “Or, you could just get pregnant.”

Me: “Ha ha, no offense babe, but I don’t really want to get knocked up by a guy who isn’t sure how he feels about our relationship.”

Boyfriend: “But then I wouldn’t have a choice! We would be stuck with each other! Isn’t that a good solution?”

Me: “…I really hope you’re kidding.”

Boyfriend: “I guess you’ll find out in nine months.”