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Look At It Through The Lens Of A Customer

, , , | Right | June 6, 2021

I am a customer in a cell phone store, getting a new phone, and my first smartphone! My old phone is ten years old and only now starting to die. As the representative is helping me choose a phone and get everything set up, a man walks in the front door.

Representative: “Hello there, sir, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hey, uh, I was wondering… Do you take passport photos here?”

Representative: “Passport photos? Uh… no?”

Customer: “Oh… do you know where I could get them?”

Me: “I think they do them at the post office.”

Customer: “I tried there, but they said their machine was broken or something.”

Representative: “Have you tried [Store]?”

Customer: “No, they said they weren’t working, either. Do you know anywhere else?”

The representative and I both shrug.

Customer: “Okay, thank you.” *Leaves*

Representative: “Why would you come into a phone store for a passport photo?”

Me: “Well… I mean… phones have cameras, right?”

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