London’s Mysterious Language

, , , , , | Working | January 30, 2020

My wife works as a corporate travel agent in the United States, and she deals with people from various industries and companies. Most of the customer companies have travel managers who help make sure their company policies are followed, help their employees with tasks, etc… 

We both work from home, and my last trip to the break room, aka the kitchen, she was complaining to me about one travel manager being a right pain and lazy.

I come up to get more coffee and she says she just got an email from the lazy travel manager. She reads it out to me.

“I am in need of help getting a receipt for one of my employees for a trip they took last week. I tried calling the [Large Chain] and ran into a language barrier. Would you please contact the London, England [Large Chain] and ask for them? When I called I could not understand anything they said.”

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