Loki They Met

| Romantic | August 29, 2013

(Two people I know from college walk into the store. They are twin brother and sister, and arguing loudly.)

Sister: “But you walked out in the middle of a date! Without saying a word! Do you have any idea how rude that is?”

Brother: “She thought The Avengers were a terrorist group! No way am I dating anyone who won’t watch The Avengers.”

Sister: “First you won’t date [Girl #1] because she hates Doctor Who, then you won’t date [Girl #2] because she mixed up Star Wars and Star Trek. Dude, YOU WILL NEVER FIND A GIRLFRIEND! Girls are not nerds!”

(The sister storms off, leaving her brother looking rather embarrassed.)

Me: *in an impression of Loki* “Mewling Quim.”

(Not only did the brother burst out laughing, but I got his number. We’re still dating!)

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