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Logic Of The Dead

| Related | April 12, 2012

(I’m bringing in the drinks from the kitchen to the dining room, and my dad is in the way of the table.)

Me: “Watch out.”

(My dad continues standing there.)

Me: “Watch out, please?”

(My dad continues standing there.)

Me: “Dude, move it.”

Dad: “Oh, you wanted me to move?”

Me: “Yes, hence the ‘Watch out’?”

Dad: “Oh, I thought that meant you wanted me to be careful.”

Me: “No, ‘Watch out’ means to move.”

Dad: “No, it doesn’t!”

Me: “Yeah, it does! If you were in a zombie movie and a zombie was coming after you and someone told you to watch out, would you just stand there?”


Me: “Exactly.”

Dad: “D*** you, and your logic.”

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