Locking Death’s Door

| Related | April 24, 2014

(My sister and I are ten and eight years old respectively. We constantly argue and annoy each other, especially during car rides.)

Me: “I’m going to throw you in the ocean!”

Sister: “Well, I’m going to throw you in the ocean with cement blocks on your feet so you can’t swim away!”

Me: “Well, I’m going to bring a saw and cut away the cement and then I’ll poison you!”

Sister: “Not fair! You can’t bring a saw! I’m going to switch drinks and you’ll be the one being poisoned!”

Mom: “Will you both stop it! I’m going to put you both in your bedrooms and throw away the key!”

Sister & Me: “But our bedrooms don’t lock!”

Mom: *bangs head on steering wheel in frustration*

Sister & Me: “Haha! We won this round!”

Mom: “Well, at least you can agree on something…”

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