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Locker-Room Talk

| Learning | January 31, 2017

(I am very shy when I first start high school and barely speak to anyone. I am sort of the bookworm/wallflower type. I go to my locker and am shocked to see that someone has written ‘SLUT’ on it with a red permanent marker. I walk over to a teacher acting as hall monitor not three feet away and tell her about it. She just huffs and gives me the stink eye.)

Teacher: “Well, what do you want me to do about it? Just grow up.”

(Seeing her to be a lost cause I start to walk back to my locker in near tears. Luckily a senior girl in my Spanish class comes by and sees my locker.)

Senior: “[My Name], just go to the office and tell them so they can clean it off for you.”

(I do like she says and sure enough the graffiti is gone by the end of my first class. I see her at the end of the day and thank her.)

Senior: “It’s not a problem; besides, I know they got the wrong locker.”

Me: “Why do you say that?”

Senior: “I know you, [My Name]; you’re not the type to steal someone’s boyfriend. The girl whose locker is left of yours is a different story.”

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