Locked In A Misunderstanding

, , , , | Right | January 25, 2018

(I work at a small bed and breakfast. We don’t use magnetized keys for the rooms, just regular, old-fashioned keys. One morning, a guest walks up to me.)

Guest: “I left my keys in my room, and I’m now locked out of my room.”

Me: “Oh, that’s no problem! Just open the door; it’ll be unlocked!”

Guest: “No, it’s not! I am locked out.”

Me: “Ma’am, in order for you to lock the door to your room, you need your keys, which you say are in your room. The door is not locked.”

Guest: “Yes, it is! I stay in hotels all the time, and this happens to me every single time, and I always need a new key from the front desk! Are you going to help me or not?!”

(I get up and walk upstairs to the guest’s room. I simply turn the doorknob and the door opens.)

Me: “Here you go!”

Guest: “It was unlocked this whole time?! Why didn’t you tell me?! What kind of security is this, that doors can be left unlocked?!”

(I simply walked away.)

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