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Lockdown In Slytherin

, , , , | Learning | September 16, 2019

(I’m in my senior year of high school at a new school and it’s already better than my old school in every aspect. One better thing is the teachers. My favorite is my anatomy teacher, who is known to be a little out there. He has four snakes around his room. We are going through drills in each class and his is no different… for the most part.)

Teacher: “Okay, in case of a lockdown, see the supply closet in the back?”

(Everyone turns to the large room in the back.)

Teacher: “There is a door inside leading to a large room made completely out of cinder block. That is where we will go. Inside that room is a squirt bottle filled with pure sulfuric acid. So, if anyone tries to get us, they have to go through the four snakes in here and then a face full of sulfuric acid.”

(Everyone is silent at this point, some moving further from the snake habitats.)

Teacher: *smiles brightly* “Whoever is stupid enough to come in will be more worried about their face melting off or whether or not they’ll see again than us.”

(Then, he went back to the lesson like he hadn’t just told us we might see someone crushed by the constrictor in the corner or see someone’s face melt off.)

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