Lockdown Ends When You Can Behave

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I’m a checker in a grocery store and recently, amid the whole outbreak ordeal, things have been really crazy. We have limits on the amounts of certain items you can buy and we have also put safety measures in place to help with social distancing, such as one-way signs in the aisles, stickers marking six feet of distance customers have to stand on in the checkout lanes, and plexiglass at the registers that customers have to stand behind.

These aren’t negotiable; my managers had us sign waivers saying we have to enforce these rules. And why wouldn’t you want to for your safety?

Customers have been so mad about these new rules, rolling their eyes at us, refusing to stand behind the glass, and so much more. These are just a couple of the interactions I’ve had with customers.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but unfortunately, due to limitations of product right now, I can only allow you to buy two loaves of bread.”

Customer #1: *In a condescending tone* “But they’re different. You have eyes, right?”

Me: “Yes, I know, I’m sorry. Unfortunately, we have to enforce these measures to ensure that everyone can get something.”

Customer #1: *Rolling his eyes* “All right, you can put [Brand] back.”

Me: *Bracing myself* “Unfortunately, we’re only allowing one gallon of milk per person, as well.”

The customer shouts so loudly that people at the other registers turn their heads and look at us.

Customer #1: “Are you f****** kidding me?!

Another incident:

Me: “Ma’am, can you just stand right behind the plexiglass, please?”

Customer #2: “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?”

Me: “Management hasn’t seen the need for mandating masks so I don’t feel a need to wear them. The CDC is not currently recommending that we wear masks.”

At this time, they weren’t.

Customer #2: “Well, maybe if you were wearing one, I wouldn’t have to stand behind the glass.”

Me: “This is a rule that we’d be enforcing with masks or without. If I am to proceed with this transaction, I need you to stand behind the glass.”

The customer rolls her eyes but stands behind the glass.

Customer #2: “Is there a number I can call? I’m definitely going to be talking to someone about this.”

I don’t know how I have the balls to say this next part.

Me: “You can call the CDC; we’re following their guidelines.”

The customer mutters something about young people these days, grabs her receipt, and walks out.

Another incident:

Me: “Ma’am, I just need to ask that you stand right at that red sticker back there. Thank you!”

The customer walks up to begin the transaction once she’s next in line.

Me: “Hello, how are you doing today?”

Customer #3: “Terrible! I’m too old to be ordered around like that, being yelled at to stand at the sticker!”

Mind you, I asked her very nicely.

Me: “I’m sorry that you feel that way, ma’am. This is company policy and it’s something I ask all my customers to do, regardless of age. I’m sorry if you felt I was yelling at you; that was not my intention. I’m just trying to keep everyone safe. With that being said, I do need you to stand behind the glass.”

Customer #3: “This is ridiculous.” 

People have thrown gallons of milk at my coworkers. People have stuffed our toilets with toilet paper. People have left so many wipes and other garbage in the carts and just been so rude. Please, people, we’re trying our best; just be nice.

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