Lock Down Screw Up

| Learning | March 30, 2013

(This story took place during my junior year of high school. The teacher is walking around class, discussing the story we’re reading.)

Intercom: “Teachers and students, we are [well-known codeword for ‘we’re going into lock-down mode’], NOW!”

(All of us students immediately get fidgety and look to the teacher expecting him to tell us what to do, but he just keeps droning on, ignoring the intercom announcement.)

Me: *nervously* “Um, Mr. [Name], did you hear the announcement?”

Teacher: “What announcement?”

Me: “They just told us to go into lock-down.”

(The teacher just smirks at me with a ‘nice try’ look, while some of the other students try to vouch for me. He ignores me and just returns to his lecture. Some of the other students begin getting nervous too, and I see a few glancing towards the door when he’s not looking, as if they want to try and secretly lock it. We’re all quiet while he continues to lecture. Suddenly, the door flies opens and I about jump out of my seat.)

Principal: “Why aren’t you in lock-down?! Mr. [Teacher], please step outside with me immediately!”

(The principal turns off the lights and tells us to be quiet while she takes the teacher into the halls to get on his case. Luckily, it was just a drill, otherwise, we could have been in real danger!)

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