Living Under A Pride Rock

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(Jazz band class has let out early, so a bunch of us are gathered in the instrument closet, hanging out. The conversation turns to movies.)

Trombone: “The saddest movie moment when I was a little kid was when Mufasa died.”

Me: “Wait, who?”

Trombone: “Mufasa, from The Lion King.”

Me: “Oh. Never seen it.”

Everyone: “What?!”

Trombone: “No way! That movie was my childhood! You must’ve been living under a rock!”

Alto Sax: “Under a rock, under another rock, under the world, under the universe…”

(While he’s talking, one of the vocalists enters the closet and hears our conversation.)

Vocalist: “Why’re you making fun of [My Name)?”

Alto Sax: “Well, we were talking about movies, and–“

Vocalist: “So? Just because she hasn’t seen some movie—”

Alto Sax: “—she hasn’t seen The Lion King.”

Vocalist: *jaw drops* “Under a rock, under another rock…”

(It’s been a year, and they still joke about me living under lots of rocks. And in case anyone is wondering, no, I still haven’t seen “The Lion King.”)

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