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Living In An Animal House

| Related | December 6, 2016

(My husband, my two daughters, and I, are eating dinner one night. Our oldest is two and very sweet.)

Two-Year-Old: *suddenly, with no provocation* “Mommy, you’re boootiful!”

Me: “Oh, how sweet! Thank you!”

Two-Year-Old: *looks at my husband, thinking* “Daddy, you’re… you’re like a horse!”

Husband: *laughing* “What does that mean? A horse?!”

Two-Year-Old: “Yeah! And… and mommy’s like a giraffe.”

Husband: “So do I have a long nose then?”

Two-Year-Old: “Yeah! And mommy has a long neck — like ME!”

Me: “So what is your sister like?”

Two-Year-Old: *looking at all of us, thinking* “Daddy’s like a horse, Mommy’s like a giraffe… and Sissy’s like a… a hippo!”

Husband: “And what are you?”

Two-Year-Old: “I’m like a… I’m like a monkey!”

Me: “Well, that much is true!”

(I have no idea where she got all of that from, but it was hilarious!)

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