Living With A Complex Kitty

, , , , | Romantic | June 3, 2017

(I was living with my then-boyfriend’s family. They have three cats. One of them is tiny; even though she’s a 16-year old-cat there are many five-year-old cats that are bigger. However, my boyfriend jokingly calls her fatty and fatso and other weight related names because she will devour anything edible in sight. Another odd quirk about her is when she’s being petted she will open her mouth and pretty much gag herself on the fingers of whoever is petting her. All of this is said in jest:)

Me: *after watching the older cat gag on my then boyfriend’s fingers again* “You know, maybe she’s trying to make herself sick.”

Boyfriend: “What? Like bulimia?”

Me: “Yeah, you’re always calling her fat; maybe she’s developed a complex. She gorges herself on her and the other cat’s food, and the chicken, and the ham, and whatever else that has been foolishly unattended, then feels bad and tries to vomit.”

Boyfriend: *laughing* “Are you saying I’ve given her an eating complex?”

Me: “Yes.”

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