Live Short And Decompose

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My husband and I are at a local theme park for their yearly Halloween event, which includes “haunted” houses, areas set up as themed scare zones, and employees dressed as various monsters running around in “hordes.” I’m waiting outside the bathroom for my husband at one point, when I’m suddenly surrounded by a group of about a dozen or more yelling, howling employees dressed as zombies. I’m genuinely startled and almost leap out of my skin.

Suddenly, one of the “zombies” points at the Star Trek logo on my shirt and begins loudly hooting and growling. He throws up his hand, making the well-known Vulcan hand sign for “Live long and prosper.” All the other “zombies” do the same, clearly excited, before they turn and run off back into the rest of the park, howling and waving the Vulcan sign in the air.

Husband: *having just come out of the bathroom and caught the tail end* “What the h*** was that?!”

Me: *mildly dazed* “The single most surreal moment of my life?”

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