Live And Shed Die

, , , , | Right | November 22, 2020

I help out around a business dealing with custom storage sheds. It’s fairly easy to order, and with the wide demographic, it’s not uncommon to come across characters.

I do, however, get a guy that takes the cake.

I find him hanging out in one of the sheds during my morning check for trash and damage. He’s obviously been sleeping, and he immediately pulls out his credit card and ID. He insists he wants to buy a shed and that he just needs to find a friend that will let him set the shed on their property. I scan his ID to his insistence, go over prices on size, and send him on his way.

He comes back a few days later looking pretty upset, demanding to know if I was just messing with him on whether or not he could actually have a shed. I reassure him that the company will have no reason not to sell it to him if he has property to put it on.

Customer: “Well, no one I asked can help me, but maybe you can! See, if you help me, I can even give you a slice! All you have to do is find someone that will let me move the shed on their property! I’ll finish it out, live in it, and when I die, they get a free shed! Maybe I could put it on your property!”

He didn’t seem to understand why I doubted someone wanted a stranger to move onto their property and then die.

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