Little Sister, Big Approval

| Related | June 13, 2013

(My girlfriend is having a really bad day. To make it up to her, I buy a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, and surprise her with a visit. She is in the bathroom, doing her makeup, so I am sitting with her eight-year-old sister, watching TV.)

Girlfriend’s Sister: “So, what’s with the flowers and chocolates?”

Me: “Well, your sister told me over the phone that she was having a bad day, so I wanted to cheer her up.”

Girlfriend’s Sister: “I saw her smile, so I think you did a good job.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Girlfriend’s Sister: “You know what? You’re alright; you can keep dating her.”

Me: “Um… thanks?”

Girlfriend’s Sister: “I was telling her that I don’t like you, but you make her happy, so I guess it’s fair.”

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