Little Black And Yellow White Lies

| Related | February 18, 2015

(My mother has taken my sister and me to visit her mother. As we’re walking towards the apartment, I notice a MASSIVE wasp on my mom’s shirt… just as it crawls down her collar.)

Me: *horrified* “Mooommmm! There’s a wasp! INSIDE your shirt!”

Mom: *freezing* “…is it a big one?”

Me: *freaking out* “Yeeesss!!!”

(We proceed VERY slowly and gently down the rest of the hall, and when we get to my grandmother’s apartment, my mother immediately heads to the bedroom to very carefully remove her shirt and get the wasp out. Fortunately, she is able to get it out a window without incident. She puts her shirt back on, and turns to me sternly.)

Mom: “Next time I ask you if it’s big, say no!”

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