Literally Sweating The Sweater

, , , , | Working | May 11, 2018

(As part of our company uniform, on Saturdays we are allowed to wear jeans with logo shirts. I work in the back office, hardly see anyone, and never see customers. Therefore, I keep a logo sweater in the office and just throw it on while I’m in the hallway. This particular Saturday is the day before Christmas, and I’m wearing a Santa shirt, but I have my logo sweater right behind me. A visiting manager pokes her head in to say hello.)

Manager: “Hi there, [My Name]. Wait. What are you wearing?”

(I laugh and show her my shirt.)

Manager: “Um…. Where is your [Company] logo shirt?”

Me: “Oh, my sweater is right here behind me. If I leave the office, I throw it on so you can’t see my super cool Christmas shirt.”

Manager: “Does [Regular Manager] let you do this? Go ahead and put on your logo sweater; I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about dress codes.”

(I thought it was odd, but I complied. As the day went on, the visiting manager kept poking her head in at random times, and I thought that she was making sure I was wearing my sweater. I noticed that it was getting warmer and warmer, and soon emails started going out about the temperature. I took off my sweater because I was actually sweating. Not one minute later, the visiting manager came in and wrote me up for being out of dress code, and asked me to go change to a promotional t-shirt that we keep in our stockroom. As I passed by, I saw her adjusting the thermostat. I can’t prove it, but I’m fairly sure she raised the heater significantly just to write me up.)

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