Literally Lost In Translation

| Learning | January 30, 2015

(It’s my first German lecture at university. Being unaware that the university also offers intensive classes in the first year, I just ask the school receptionist where the German class is. When I get in and the class begins, the lecturer starts by teaching the alphabet, getting a couple of letters completely wrong. She then teaches introductions and tells us to speak in pairs. I get her attention, not wanting to just walk out on a member of staff in my first week, and hoping she can tell me where I should be.)

Me: *in German* “I think I’m supposed to be in another room.”

Lecturer: *eyes as wide as saucers, speaking German* “Yes, I think so, too.”

(I wait a second to see if she’s going to tell me where I need to be.)

Lecturer: *keeps staring*

Me: *wishing I’d gotten into Hogwarts so I could use my invisibility cloak to walk out*

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