Literally Hit A Bump In The Road

, , , , , | Friendly | October 3, 2018

I’m driving through a parking lot with speed bumps when some woman in a shiny, new car comes up behind me and starts riding my bumper. I’m getting frustrated because I’ve been hit in this parking lot before and I don’t want to get hit again, and this woman is so close and accelerating so fast that I’m sure she’s going to hit my car going over one of the speed bumps.

When I get a moment, I swing my car off the road into the lots and turn my car around. Just as I’m getting to face the roadway again, I get the glorious image and sound of her hitting the next speed bump so hard, she scrapes the bottom of her car. She clearly does not learn her lesson because she continues to speed through the parking lot. But I hope she takes her car to the shop for repairs eventually and they get to laugh at her for damaging her car. A bit mean-spirited of me, but I’m glad that when she did hit the speed bump too fast, it was just her car that got damaged and not mine.

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