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Literally Do Not Have The Power To Help You

, , , | Right | December 21, 2018

(A drunk driver hits a pole near the hotel where I work, knocking out power. Not surprisingly, many of our guests come and ask for information about the situation at the front desk. Most are polite and understanding, except for one guy.)

Guest: “Excuse me! I was just in the bathroom and the lights turned off and won’t turn on again. I tried to call, but my hotel phone won’t work!”

Me: “I’m afraid that the power is out on our part of the grid. The electric company assures me they will fix it as quickly as possible.”

(He makes an aggravated noise and leaves. Five minutes later he is back.)

Guest: “Excuse me! The jets on my tub aren’t working and my bathroom is still dark!”

Me: “I do apologize about the power outage. The electric company thinks they will have power back on in the hour.”

(Five minutes he is back, furious.)

Guest: “EXCUSE ME! My television isn’t working!”

Me: “Again, I apologize for the power outage. My superiors have assured me they will compensate you for the inconvenience.”

Guest: “Well, do it now!”

Me: “Sir, I can’t. The computers aren’t currently working.”

Guest: “Why not?”

Me: “The power is out.”

(He storms off. Five minutes later, he is back.)

Guest: “I can’t get my tablet to charge!”

Me: “Our power will be back on soon; until then, I can’t help you.”

Guest: “This place is unbelievable! Look at how dark the lobby is!”

Other Guest: *who was nearby* “Well, yes. They don’t have electricity right now.”

Guest: “How is anyone supposed to know that?!”

(The electricity, thankfully, came on shortly later.)

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