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Their Listening Skills Are Toast

, , | Right | April 23, 2018

Customer: “Do you do salmon and scrambled egg?”

Me: “Yes, sir, on either a bagel or toast.”

Customer: “D***, my friend is looking for egg and salmon.” *his friend is nowhere to be seen*

Me: “We do that.”

Customer: “You do salmon and egg?”

Me: “Yes, sir, on a bagel or toast. Do you mean by itself?”

Customer: “He really wants it.”

Me: “We can do it by itself, too, if you like.”

Customer: “I don’t know. Do you do it?”

Me: “We can, yes.”

Customer: “I’ll just go to the bakery.”

(He then left, and wandered off down the street — in the wrong direction for the bakery. I’m really not sure how I could have been much clearer that we were able to help him… Or what he was hoping to find at the bakery!)

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