Listen To Yourself Not Listening! Part 2

, , , | Right | October 12, 2018

Me: *holding a bag of food*  “[Speciality Sandwich] meal with a [Soda] and two cheeseburgers?”

(The waiting customers stare at me, but no one responds.)

Me: *trying different phrasing* “[Speciality Sandwich], fries, [Soda], two cheeseburgers?”

(More staring; still no response. I think I remember whose order it is, though.)

Me: *to a specific customer* “What are you waiting on?”

Customer: “A [Specialty Sandwich].”

Me: “As a meal?”

Customer: “Yeah…”

Me: “With two cheeseburgers?”

Customer: “Yeah…”

Me: “Then this is yours that I’ve just been calling.”

Customer: *offended* “Don’t you have it written down? You should know what I ordered!”

Me: “I do. That’s what I was calling.”

Customer: *flounces off angrily, railing against me for no discernable reason*


Listen To Yourself Not Listening!

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