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Listen Or You’ll Really Shoot Yourself In The Foot

, , , , , | Right | May 1, 2019

I worked once in a shop that, amongst other hobby items, sold air rifles, which are legal in the UK for those over 18 if under a certain power. No permit is needed, but we have to take a copy of your passport or licence to log with the police that you’ve bought one.

We used to have to do a bit of a safety talk. New customers appreciated the ins and outs of how to look after and use the guns safely, and customers who’d had guns before understood why we had to do it and found it quite amusing, especially, “When shooting, point it only at the target; when not shooting, point it at the ground but not at your feet.”

This did prompt the question, “Surely that’s obvious,” to which my manager would respond, “If people didn’t do it, I wouldn’t have to say it.”

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