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Listen Here, Doll…

, , , , | Related | September 29, 2019

(I’m at a big retail store when the following occurs.)

Little Girl: “I want this one.”

Mother: “Are you sure?”

(I glance back. A small white girl with blonde hair is holding a black Barbie doll with an Afro. Her mother is also blonde.)

Little Girl: “Yes! She’s so pretty! I love her hair!”

Mother: “Are you sure? I’m not returning this.”

Little Girl: “Like I said, I love her!”

Mother: “Well, okay. I guess you can have her. But are you sure you don’t want the doll with the really long hair?”

Little Girl: “No, I want this one! Grandma got me the Rapunzel one last time!”

Mother: “Well, okay. But I’m not returning her.”

Me: *thinking* “Just get her the doll already!”

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