Listen To His Bad Advice All Overnight Long

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(My dad is at that stage where he can contradict himself just because he’s old.)

Dad: “How’s your new job? It isn’t overnight, is it?”

Me: *sigh* “No, Dad.”

Dad: “Good, because when you had that overnight job, you looked like a zombie!”

Me: “Stop picking on me, Dad!”

Dad: “It’s what dads do.”

(I tell him that it was the only job I could get at the time and he scoffs. Later…)

Dad: “I’m old so if I become sick, you’ll have to pay my bills.”

Me: “I can’t pay your bills on my salary. I’d have to get a second job.”

Dad: “Well, if that’s what you have to do, then do it. I didn’t raise you to be lazy.”

Me: “I’d have to take an overnight job. Didn’t you say to never take an overnight job?”

Dad: *pauses* “It’s time that you shouldn’t listen to me. Be a man and do your own thing!”

(I love when I throw his words back at him; it shows that he doesn’t know anything. And I’m a woman.)

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