Lining Herself Up For A Fall

, , , | Friendly | April 15, 2019

(My sister is visiting me and we go out to the movies. I live in a small town and it’s a very quiet night. As we get to concession, there are only two people working and they are both serving other people. There is absolutely NO LINE, so my sister and I stand in the middle of the two cashiers, waiting to see who opens up first. Suddenly, a woman appears with her young son.)

Woman: “Which line are you in?”

(She seems to want to know which register we are waiting for. Usually, there are two lines if it’s super busy, but I’m confused by her question since we are the only ones there. Literally, not including the cashiers, there are four people going to see the movie and two are being served already.)

Me: *confused* “Oh, we were standing here and waiting for which one opened up first.”

(I am going to add that she can go ahead of us when she puts her hand on her hip and interrupts me.)

Woman: *in a condescending tone* “You need to pick a line, lady!”

(My sister and I are shocked by her attitude, and the fact that she is doing this with nobody else there. I mumble that I’ll take the left, so she goes to the right register and stands uncomfortably close to the person getting their food. Later, we happened to be heading to get our straws when we see the woman from before. She is the only there getting straws and napkins. As we get closer, my sister suddenly stops me.)

Sister: *as loud as she could* “Wait, [My Name] we haven’t picked a line yet. We need to pick a line before we proceed.”

Me: *catching on* “By God, you’re right! I will line up on the left; you take the right.”

(The lady gave us the dirtiest look and quickly went to her movie. Luckily, we weren’t seeing the same movie as her.)

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