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, | Learning | September 27, 2013

(I worked as a cashier in the most popular dining hall on my college campus. Most of the student employees are graduating that year, and stop pulling their weight at work toward the end of the semester, which puts a lot of stress on the few of us that still want to work. We are often understaffed, and the customers aren’t too polite about long lines or struggling service. Since I am at the register, I get yelled at a lot by the students. It is about an hour into a particularly difficult night.)

Student: “Hey, you!”

Me: “Yes?”

Student: “What’s your name?”

Me: “It’s [Name].”

Student: “Alright, [Name]. Do you have a pen? I want to fill out this dining experience response card.”

Me: “Of course. Did you have a problem? I’d be happy to help.”

Student: “Oh, no, there’s no problem! I just wanted to thank you. You’re always smiling when I come in, no matter how hectic it is in here. And you always look me in the eye and greet me and ask me how I am. I failed the last test before the final in one of my classes a few weeks ago, and when I came in here after, you said I looked down and asked me if I was okay, and you really sounded like you cared. I really appreciated it. I just want to make sure the manager knows you’re doing a great job.”

Me: *near tears* “Oh… oh my gosh, thank you! That’s so sweet of you to say!”

Student: “Well you looked like you were having a rough day, so I wanted to let you know I appreciate you working so hard.”

(After getting the comment card, my manager thanked me for doing such a good job, and bought me $10 worth of food from the attached mini market!)

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