Likes The Public Pool But Not The Public Part

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I am in a swim-lane, which is where you swim in an anti-clockwise rectangle. Unfortunately, it can cause you to bump into others if you go at different speeds. A rather large guy accidentally whacks me with his arm in the middle as I go past. I try to think nothing of it but later see him shouting.

Male Swimmer: “She bloody well shouldn’t say that!”

I see a girl holding onto a woman my age, probably her mother, as they look the same.

Male Swimmer: “You should keep that bloody child under control!”

The woman is just holding onto her girl. After a few minutes of talking to the lifeguards, the woman and her child get out and go to a male lifeguard.

Mother: “Listen, my daughter’s autistic; she didn’t know she was doing anything wrong.”

Me: *Approaching* “Excuse me, that man bumped into me, as well.”

The mother explains to me that her daughter felt the man accidentally touch her waist. He seems to have taken the wrong impression and was harassing them while they swam.

Lifeguard: “Listen, I think we should talk privately.”

He, the mother and the girl — now that she’s not in the water, I can see that she is actually a woman — go to a kiddie pool sectioned off from the main pool. After a few minutes, they get in. The mother begins talking to me while her daughter swims, giggling.

Me: “He comes here every week and hates it when people go near him.”

Mother: “Then why does he go in the swim-lane?”

Me: “I don’t know. He pushed me earlier, as well. I don’t like him.”

Some minutes later, when we are all at the other end of the pool and the other side, he goes up the steps and shouts loudly.

Male Swimmer: “You should keep that girl under control!”

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