Likely To Cause IRE (Ironic Resourceful Ethics)

| New Orleans, LA, USA | Right | May 3, 2010

(I am working near a copy station, and a woman comes up with a large stack of papers.)

Customer: “Do you have any zip ties to bind this with?”

Me: “Sure, here.”

(As she binds the papers, I see the word “Ethics” on the first page.)

Me: “Oh, is this for an Ethics class?”

Customer: “Yes! I didn’t want to pay for the book, so I photocopied it. Do you think the professor is going to like how resourceful I am?”

Me: “I’m sure you’ll have a very lively discussion about it.”

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  • Jesen

    I hope she wasn’t in law school

  • Monica Stephenson

    Counterpoint: The ethics of charging obscene amounts for textbooks on top of tuition, making education prohibitively expensive. Because I have far less sympathy for the well-paid college and salaried teacher than I do for a student who just doesn’t want to spend that much f*cking money.

    • Claire Judez

      1) the cost of copying the book may be higher than the cost of the book itself.
      2) don’t you have college libraries to borrow the books you need for class in the US?

      • Timlex

        At my college in Canada, the library only had one copy of each text book.

        • Claire Judez

          And were you going in a small university ?

          • Timlex

            No, it has over 45,000 students.