Like Two Peas In A Quantum-Locked TARDIS

| Learning | June 30, 2013

(I am teaching a drama class, and we are playing a game called Sneaky Statues where the kids freeze and then change poses when I am not looking.)

Me: “Wow, these statues sure seem different than they were earlier…”

(A kid creeps up behind me and strikes a particularly scary pose. I turn around.)

Me: “Geez! You’re like a weeping angel!”

(There is a silence.)

Me: “None of you know what that is. Sorry.”

Student: “I do! I totally know what that is! I love that show!”

Me: “All right. But we can’t talk about it now. Pose again!”

Student: “But they’re so cool! Don’t blink!”

Me: *trying to hide my excitement* “You’re supposed to be a statue, remember?”

(I later receive a paper full of illustrations of Doctor Who from this student. It was the first of several. We now talk about Doctor Who before class starts!)

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