Like Two Peanuts In A Pod

| Related | November 12, 2012

(My cat will often make a whining noise when he wants something. My sister has taken to imitating the noise when she wants me to get something for her. My sister is 26 and I’m 23.)

Sister: *not looking up from her book, starts whining*

Me: “No.”

Sister: *continues whining*

Me: *sighs*

(I go to the kitchen and make a cup of tea, and some peanut butter on toast. I then take it back through to the living room and present it to my sister.)

Me: “Here. Will you be quiet now?”

Sister: *looks up and bursts out laughing* “How did you know that’s what I wanted?! That’s genuinely what I was asking you for!”

Me: “Woah, seriously?”

Mum: *overhearing* “You two scare me sometimes.”

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