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Like Tolkien To A Brick Deeping Wall, Part 2

| Learning | February 26, 2014

(I’m an avid reader and am very well known by the librarians in my school library. One day, after spending nearly ten minutes searching, I am unable to find the book I want. I go up to the front desk and ask for help.)

Librarian: “Hi [My Name]! Can I help you?”

Me: “Yeah. I’m looking for The Silmarillion and can’t seem to find it. Would you mind checking the computer system to see if it’s already taken out?”

Librarian: “Sure. Just tell me how to spell it.”

(I give her the spelling and she looks it up. I didn’t expect her to recognize the book or know how the title is spelled as it is not as well known as the author’s other works. However, her next comment catches me off guard.)

Librarian: *looking at computer* “Here it is; The Samarila.’ Oh look, this was written by the same guy that wrote the Fellowship series!”

Me: “I believe you mean The Silmarillion and The Lord Of The Rings, which is, in fact, a single book. It was published in three volumes.”

Librarian: “Whatever. It says it’s by J. R. R. Token.”

Me: “Tolkien.”

(After she locates the book, which has been misplaced, she checks it out for me.)

Librarian: “Bye! I hope you enjoy reading The Simerelli!”

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