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Like Talking To An Auto Bot

| Right | May 8, 2017

(I’ve worked in auto retail for several years now and this is one that has been repeated across the nation and working for several companies:)

Me: “Welcome to [Store], auto parts; what are you looking for?”

Customer: “I need a part…”

Me: “Okay, what is it for?”

Customer: “My truck…”

Me: “What kind of truck?”

Customer: “Chevy…”

Me: “What series?”

Customer: “The small one.”

Me: “So an S10 or 1500?”

Customer: “S10.”

Me: “Okay. Got the 4.3 in it right?”

Customer: “Naw, it’s got one of them V8s…”

(You have got to be kidding me!)

Me: “What year is it?”

Customer: “Like a 1998 or a 2000.”

Me: “Well, they built different trucks those years. 1999 is a changeover year.”

Customer: “I dunno; it’s outside.”

(I look outside and see that’s it’s an old body truck, so early 1999 or 1998.)

Me: “All right, and what parts did you need?”

Customer: “I dunno…”

Me: “You know what? Here’s a card to [Auto Garage]. They can help you. Trust me, this is for the best.”

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