Like Stealing Candy From A Baby Who Has Cancer

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(We’re currently raising money for a childhood cancer foundation. If you donate $5, we give you a coupon for $5 off of a $25 purchase for next time you come in. I’m currently talking with a regular customer about it, who has already donated $5 that day, when a man comes in demanding to speak to a manager.)

Manager: “Hello, sir. What can I do for you?”

Customer: “I was here last night, and I donated $5 for your fundraiser.”

Manager: “Well, thank you, sir; we really appreciate your support.”

Customer: “Yeah, well, I’m here to take my donation back.”

(The three of us at the door go completely silent.)

Manager: “I’m sorry… You want to take back your donation for childhood cancer research?”

Customer: “Yes, I want my money back. I don’t want to support a foundation that lies.”

Manager: “What did they lie about?”

Customer: *takes a coupon out of his back pocket* “Your server lied to me. He said the coupon was for $5 off of $20. The coupon says it’s $5 off of $25. So which is it?”

Manager: “It’s $5 off of $25.”

Customer: “So, he lied to me. So, I want my money back. I don’t give money to scammers.”

Manager: “Well, I hardly think what we’re doing here is a scam, sir,”

Customer: “That’s because you’re running the scam. Now, are you going to give me back my money or not?”

(It is very obvious my manager is still stunned by his request. She herself had breast cancer twice, and beat it both times. She believes in the foundation and pushes us to go above our goal of raising $6,000.)

Manager: “Okay, let me get this straight. You want to take back your donation… because one of my servers misspoke.”

Customer: “No, he played me. There was nothing accidental about it.”

(She stands there in silence for a minute before going to the register and taking out $5 and returning to us.)

Manager: “If I could have your coupon back, I’ll reimburse you, sir.”

Customer: “Oh, no, I’m keeping the coupon. It’s the least I should get from being lied to.”

Manager: “I’m not giving you the donation if you don’t return the coupon.”

Customer: “So, you’re going to keep money that’s rightfully mine?!”

Manager: “Those coupons are for customers who donate. You can’t keep it if you don’t donate.”

Customer: “I’m not giving it back. I’m leaving with my money and the coupon.”

Manager: *shrugs* “Fine, then.” *she starts walking away*

Customer: “FINE!”

(He throws the coupon at his feet and crosses his arms, glaring at her. My manager comes back and returns to him the $5. When the customer bends down to pick up the coupon, she steps on it, preventing him from doing so.)

Manager: “Have a good day, sir.”

(The customer leaves, muttering about us being thieves and a scam charity. Our regular and I are watching him, appalled.)

Regular: “He’s going to h*** for that. If he’s not, then there isn’t a Lord.”

Manager: “You just watch; karma will bite him in the a**.”

Regular: *retrieving her wallet* “I’d like to donate another five dollars, if you don’t mind.”

(My manager tried to give her another coupon or discount her meal. The regular refused, saying it was to counteract the rudeness of the man who stole from childhood cancer.)

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