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Like, OMG, You’re Stupid

, , , | Right | July 24, 2008

(I’m a desk assistant at a college dorm. One day, these two giggly freshman girls come up to me.)

Girl #1: “Ummm… can we, like, borrow your phonebook?”

Me: “Sure thing.”

Girl #1: *flips through the book, looking completely dumbfounded*

Me: “Need help finding something?”

Girl #2: *whispers* “Jason’s is under ‘J’.”

Girl #1: *whispers back* “I know, but sometimes I forget the alphabet…”

Girl #2: “OmiGAWD! Me, too!” *giggle giggle*

(I grab the phonebook and look up their listing.)

Me: “Here — Jason’s.”

Girl #1: “Oh, my GAWD, thank you! They should really have a college course for, like, phone books! I’m not from this town, so, ya know…”

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